Your Favorite Arthur Characters as College Majors

By Fiona Rose Beyerle

Perhaps the best PBS Kids show on air in the early 2000’s was Arthur.  Who could not love the fun characters, cute storylines and life lessons taught on Arthur?  Although each character had their own unique personality, they all showed us what true friendship was, while going to the Sugar Bowl after school or hanging out in the treehouse.  Even though they do not age in the show, it is fun to imagine what Arthur characters would pursue in college.  After all, if this bunch survived being in Mr. Ratburn’s class, they would definitely survive university. 

Arthur: Sociology

As the protagonist, we saw a lot of Arthur’s inner thoughts about everything going on in Elwood city.  Almost all of the show’s intros are him introducing the big question of the episode and analyzing interactions among the characters.  On top of his sociology degree, Arthur would likely keep up his piano skills by minoring in Music. 

Buster: Video Game Design

Buster was the quirky friend who would definitely be the guy at college parties trying to convince you of his alien spotting stories.  Besides that however, Buster was a huge video game fan.  Combined with his knowledge of video games and fun personality, Buster would study video game design to create all the wackiest video games to be on the market. 

Muffy: Business

We all know how much Muffy loves money.  During college, Muffy would study business in preparation to take over her dad’s business: Crosswire Motors.  Muffy would also be that person who gets an iced coffee every single day on the way to class.

Francine: Sports Medicine

Francine was always putting the other characters in their place in any sporting event.  While studying sports medicine, Francine would also play on the university soccer team and be a well-known athlete on campus. 

The Brain: Physics

Although The Brain would be incredible at almost any STEM major, physics takes the cake.  The Brain was always doing science experiments, solving math problems and reading about science.  As a physics major, he would do undergraduate research and publish a ton of scientific papers, on top of being president of the physics club.  The Brain is also definitely the person who would ruin the curve for the rest of the class.

Fern: English (concentration in Poetry)

Fern was quiet, but you always knew when she said something, it would be important.  It would be difficult to picture Fern as anything besides an English major, with an emphasis in poetry.  Some may remember the episode when Fern wrote poems which Muffy essentially forced her to sell as “Fernlets.”  Fern did not care about selling her poetry, it came from the heart and was a way to express herself authentically.  As an English major, Fern would also get a chance to study some of her favorite authors like Agatha Christie and Mary Shelley. 

Sue Ellen: International Relations

Sue Ellen was a world traveler and not afraid to take the road less traveled.  She always stood up for what she believed in and did not care about what others thought.  As a lover of traveling, Sue Ellen would choose a degree in International Relations, after a long gap year traveling and volunteering at animal shelters of course.  With her degree in International Relations, she would be ready to fight for human rights, the environment and many other key issues the world faces.

George: Psychology

George may not have been in every episode, but he is definitely one of the most memorable characters on the show, especially due to added entertainment by his ventriloquist dummy, Wally.  George was extremely thoughtful and was always there to help his friends.  As a psychology major, George would be taking the first step to becoming a licensed therapist and helping others.   

Thank you to PBS Kids and Marc Brown for creating such a fun show to watch growing up and for teaching us that having fun isn’t hard when you have a library card (if you know, you know). 

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